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SEALIGHT X2 9005/HB3 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs Kit

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600% BRIGHTNESS THAN HALOGEN: With the superior 7035 CSP, Extremely Bright X2 LED headlight bulb provides 6 times brightness than halogen, also doesn't blind or dazzle oncoming traffic. Additionally, the 6000K daylight optics ensure the brightest downroad illumination


500FT LIGHTING EXTENDED: High-efficient lighting offer up to 70% more light on the lane, which up to 500ft Longer extend than halogen’s 200ft that helps you clearly identify signs and lines on dark country roads in advance. nothing to concealed on road makes you relieved and safe at every drive


80W WATTAGE OUT PUT: External powerful resistance provides lamp lasting output 80W ensuring high-brightness lighting without dark spots, uneven light.EMC Intelligent temperature control keep on the best status ensures 2 years longevity and fewer replacements


MAXIMUM HEAT DISSIPATION: SEALIGHT X2 features a 20,000RPM Turbo Cool Fan support by a double ball-bearing micro fan and. which improve the stability and safety of lights. This coupled with the IP67-rated waterproof ballast, ensures durability in storms weather conditions


99% VEHICLE FITMENT: The X2 H11 FITS 99% OF VEHICLES, but please refer to your vehicle’s user manual or check your original light bulb’s part number before placing your order. Package including:2 of LED Bulbs, 2 of Nylon Cable Ties,1 of Installation Gloves,1  of Instruction Guide

Xenower X2 9005/HB3 9006/HB4 LED Extremely Brightness Headlight Bulbs, Pack of 4

600% Illumination Brightness:

Extremely Bright light outshines the rest with a phenomenal 600% brightness compared to halogen bulbs, the 4500 lux light distribution grants maximum vision to the driver, for enhanced nighttime driving without visual fatigue

Most Downroad Visibility:

The 6000K daylight optics ensure the brightest downroad illumination. See all aspects of the road better with X2 premium headlight bulbs

Over 50,000hr Lifespan:

Unique boost-mode circuit, smart temperature control IC, Turbo Cool Fan ensure the X2 headlight lamp will keep lasting up to 50,000 hours, and is backed by a 2-year customer care

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