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SEALIGHT was established in 2016 by experienced car modification enthusiasts. It adheres to the consumer-centric, developed and designed by a professional team in the United States. With innovative technology and high-performance products, it continues to create surprises.

Our Story

Our founder is a car modification enthusiast. During the modification, he often finds it difficult to find automotive lighting products that truly meet his inner needs. At that time, we decided to redefine automotive lighting products. Lighting research and design experience and modification experience, SEALIGHT came into being.

“We found that many lamps on the market could not be installed because of their inappropriate size”, so we introduced LED lamp products with a 1: 1 size design of the original car halogen bulb, which is a major change in the automotive LED lighting field.

In order to make the LED light more similar to the way the original car's halogen light shines, we have released the uniquely designed LAXMAS ™ series, which is the first such product in the field of LED lights, leading the development of the industry.

We are committed to combining customer needs with our knowledge in the field of automotive modification. Through continuous exploration and innovation, we continue to provide consumers around the world with innovative designs, high-performance, safe and reliable automotive lighting products and Superior customer support

Sustainable and healthy development is our belief

Because we live in a world with limited resources and interdependence, we are constantly adjusting our business strategies to repay the society we depend on in a responsible manner.

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