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Prolenz P1 H7 LED Bulbs

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Designed for Projector Housing 340% Brightness 37W 1500 Lux
●Designed for projector housing only ●Unique single-side illumination design ●A 340% brightness and 72% further-reaching beam compared to halogen bulbs allows you to see further, with greater reflectivity for faster response times when driving at night ●Defined beam pattern with clean cut-off line, no glare or blinding oncoming drivers ●The daylight optics of the 6000K white light provide better visibility for an enhanced driving experience at night ●37-watt power output matches the original halogen bulb, resolving 99.9% decoding issues ●No CANbus resistors needed, no warnings, no flickering or error codes ●15,000 RPM silent turbo fan and aluminum heat sink provide superior heat dissipation for an extended lifespan of over 50,000 hours ●Provides enhanced visibility in rain and fog than standard halogen bulbs ●Non-integrated driver provides power-efficient performance ●Gives your vehicle an ultra-modern look ●No radio interference ●Easy installation ●Pack of 2
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