What bulb size should I use?
The bulb size that should be used depends on the original bulb installed, or what the vehicle’s owner’s manual indicates for the application you are working on. Most cases, you can easily identify the bulb size by simply consulting the owners manual. You may also compare the factory bulb to our product to determine if it is suitable replacement size.
Why is my bulb flickering/dimming as soon as I install them and turn them on?
Some vehicles are equipped with a computer system that will monitor your vehicles lighting applications. They are designed to notify a driver of problem or fault with the functionality of a lamp. The system may recognize the low power draw of your LED bulb as a problem or fault. It may cause a lamp out indicator on your dashboard and sometimes cause the lamp to flicker or dim because its recognizing the lamp as an open circuit(faulty/burned bulb). A load resistor or decoder should be installed by tapping onto the ground and lead wires of the socket. These components will ‘trick’ the computer system(CAN bus, BCM, etc. )into believing that you have a functioning bulb installed.
What does CAN Bus mean?
CAN Bus means Controller Area Network Bus. This system monitors your vehicle and reports operating conditions. CAN Bus systems are commonly found in European vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and in many American vehicles. While most late model American vehicles have CAN Bus systems, it is always good to check with your vehicle dealer to see which system your vehicle has before purchasing electrical products.