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About us


Established in 2016, SEALIGHT is a present day pioneer in the  led manufacturing industry. We are solely committed to becoming a customer-focused consumer lighting brand, adhering to the mission of “Lighting is SEALIGHT”. We aim to bring high quality, innovative and convenient lighting products to consumers all over the world.

The name SEALIGHT is literally inspired from the words SEA and LIGHT. We want be the first light in the morning sky by the sea, bringing warmth and comfort to our customers around the world.

Our vision and focus has always been to become a world-class customer-centric lighting brand. And we work hard every day to make sure we achieve it.


Our mission statement is simple - Lighting is SEALIGHT!


Every company has their own set of values and what are we until we set our goals right! Here at SEALIGHT, every employee religiously follows 3 value notes:
1) Customer Obsession – To know what the right requirement is.

2) Quality First – To ensure that the requirement is provided in best quality.

3) Innovation Driven – To be the industry first to introduce new concepts.



3 simple qualities that we possess to ensure best results:

1、Keep Listening       

2、Keep Studying       

3、Keep Moving