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Our pick of top 5 Sealight products of 2018

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Brand SEALIGHT picks its star products of 2018! LED lighting for automobiles of the highest quality showcasing the latest technology is represented in the finest products at competitive prices for the automotive aftermarket. With the aim to make automotive lighting ‘brighter, wider and farther’, the manufacturer has taken night driving experience as well as safety of driving to a different level. It’s a result of over 7 years of research and development experience in heat generation of PCB/LED substrates, modules of high power, modules of power driving as well as design and manufacturing experience of highly-bright LED light source.

SEALIGHT has developed high-performance automotive lamps using the ‘Light Emitting Diode’ technology for greater visibility and full lighting power on the road. LED lights save you the effort and cost of more frequent lamp replacements. Most of all, they are environment friendly producing less waste. Some of the interesting and exciting offerings introduced this year include high performance products for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs etc.

The superior T10 socket LED bulbs fit directly into multiple bulb size sockets such as: 168 175 194 2825 912 921 W5W T10 etc. Applications include license plate tag light, map lights, dome light, trunk cargo room lights, side door courtesy light, reading lights, glove box lights and parking lights.The products have been carefully developed to make them user friendly and utility intense. As a part of a regular practice each year, the development team has reviewed and rated its products of 2018 after tracking market feedback.

The H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit of the S1 Series is DOT approved. It includes 12x CSP chips and low beam/fog light bulb of 6000LM 6000K xenon white. The product comes with a 12 month warranty. It needs no modification on the headlight housing or cover. It offers super focus with maximum light output, and a wider and more distant lighting area of 6000K. It’s great for drivers needing increased visibility during daytime driving. Moreover, the beam does not cause optical interference or visual distress to oncoming drivers.

The H11/H16/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit of the X1 Series too is DOT approved. It has 12x CSP chips of 6000LM 6000K xenon white with a 2 yr warranty. It gives you all the advantages of the SEALIGHT S1 Series and it’s easy to install. The 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit of the S1 Series is another DOT approved product. This is a Low Beam/Fog light bulb 12xCSP Chips of 6000LM 6000K Xenon White. Like all other products from the manufacturer, this one too promises brighter, wider and more distant lighting.

To light up your car interiors, the 578 211-2 212-2 is an excellent LED Dome Light Bulb for your car. It gives 4014 Chipset Canbus Error Free 569 6411 41mm 42mm Festoon 1.72 inch Interior Lighting of 6000K Xenon White. It has all the benefits and advantages of any of the SEALIGHT products. To give a finality, 912 921 LED Backup Light Bulbs are the best choice for your reverse lights.

The development team founder has in the past provided professional solutions and R&D knowledge to LED devices for Philips and OSRAM in automotive LED Lighting. SEALIGHT envisages the future of automotive lighting in intelligence and personalization of car lighting though standardized design and highly-efficient control.

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