The Countdown to #LightUpWithSealight Sale has begun!

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It’s thanksgiving time and time to glamorize your car with some irresistible offers of the season from SEALIGHT! Here are some of the things that you could do this thanksgiving if you are really passionate about your wheels. After all it’s one of your most prized possessions, and obviously your first love. Check out the host of goodies for your car that would make you want to spend some serious dough to pamper your first love.

SEALIGHT brings you some of the latest and best accessories in LED lighting that have taken the market by a storm. Adding exciting new accessories to your car would give the glamour and the class to make driving an altogether new and great experience. What’s more is that these goodies have deals like never before! If you look around, there are dozens of car accessories available but not all of them may justify your purchase so list out in order of priority, the goodies you really want. Your enthusiasm would be met with endless varieties available with SEALIGHT. So, give your car your own personal touch, choosing what suits your tastes.

Select your preferred accessories for your car that suit your driving habits, tastes, preferences, and lifestyle this season with limitless options. You may choose from license plate tag light, map lights, dome light, trunk cargo room lights, side door courtesy light, reading lights, glove box lights, parking lights alarms systems or even flashlights. Safety accessories too can give you a customized and decorative touch such as custom flares and hood shields. Likewise, even some decorative accessories could carry safety features.

Choose from the SEALIGHT range with fabulous deals and now experience the economic power with competitive pricing and online credit payment. It’s so very easy to indulge with options from SEALIGHT. Keeping a tight budget, you can yet have your way. SEALIGHT has made it possible. Be it safety or glamour, now you would not get tempted with cheap and sub-standard options when you are getting the real stuff well within your budget.

The time is right and the time is ripe to upgrade. Transform the look and feel of your car, keeping in mind the vast variety of both, utility as well as decorative car accessories available with SEALIGHT. Add utility as well as the aesthetic value to your car. Here are some of the highlights.

SEALIGHT LED lamps offer high automotive performance with the evolving technology to give drivers greater visibility and full lighting power on the road. LEDs save you the effort and cost of frequent lamp replacement. They are furthermore environment friendly because they generate less waste. The S2 SERIES -h11/h8/h9 LED Headlight Bulbs are a brilliant choice. If seeking to replace as low Beam or fog light and you are not sure of the size that would fit with your car, please confirm with SEALIGHT before making your purchase. SEALIGHT provides 24 hours service support!

  • 1:1 design Size : allows for 100% plug-and-play installation
  • Safe Beam : 6000K for drivers who want to increase visibility during the day
  • Intelligent Control Driver : 95% vehicle anti-radio Interference
  • Life Span : >30000hours
  • DOT Approved

SEALIGHT LED Headlights are suitable for any environment. Grab your deal on your favorite accessories with SEALIGHT. The countdown has begun!


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