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A deal and a steal! Come Oct 28th and grab the Amazon DOTD (Deal Of The Day) offer on exciting products from SEALIGHT. A flat 40% off from 00:00 EST to 12:00 EST on the products listed below.

.         H11/H8/H9
·         H4/9003/HB2
·         H13/9008
·         9005/HB3
·         9006/HB4
·         9007

    SEALIGHT products come with a 1-year warranty. Buy confidence without the hassle of 30 days on return or exchange. Call or email the 24-hour customer service. All bulbs are without CANBUS-Ready for cars such as the 2007+ Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, GMC, BMW, Mercedes-Benz that require a decoder/warning canceller to be installed together to avoid the flicker or warning message.


    The small wonder is the smallest led headlight or the H11 led headlight bulb of 1:1 halogen design. It requires no more modification on the headlight housing or the cover. It’s the ideal choice if you seek to upgrade your headlights to LEDs.


    Better visibility comes with 40W, 6000lm/pair (20W, 3000lm/bulb). Experience the super focus and max light output with a wider and more distant lighting coverage of 6000K for drivers who wish to increase their visibility during the day.


    Contact and confirm the bulb position and size fit with your vehicle for H11, H16, H9 and H8 as headlight low beam or as fog light bulb. The Amazon filter system may not be 100% accurate or updated.


    Last but not the least is the non-polarity aspect. Just plug and Play! They give you life of over 30,000 Hours. You do not blind oncoming drivers with your headlight glare. There are no dark spots or shadowed areas. Experience perfect performance in bad weather conditions such as fog, rain, overcast skies or any other.


    SEALIGHT LED Headlights adapt to all driving conditions. Let’s explore the merits of these fabulous products.

    They promote alertness. Research indicates that our internal body clock or the circadian rhythm is linked to the cycle of night and day. To be more specific, LED headlights closely mimic the characteristics of a bright noon day sun when the body is most alert. SEALIGHT LED headlights thus keep you alert as you are less likely to get drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel

    They assure Superior Visibility.

    SEALIGHT LEDs produce crisp, clean, bright white light that effectively transforms night into day. A truly well-designed LED headlight would typically meet all on-road regulations, eliminate glare for oncoming drivers, and produce a beam pattern that would focus the light exactly where you require it most!

    The Extreme Durability of SEALIGHT LEDs comes with Aviation Grade Aluminum construction. There are no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments, or sensitive electrodes. This makes the high shock resistant SEALIGHT LEDs the perfect choice for trucks or off=roader vehicles that negotiate hostile road conditions with bumps, curves, and potholes.

    SEALIGHT LEDs offer Unmatched Longevity equivalent to four times that of standard halogen lamp. Waterproof and dustproof LED lights emit the same or enhanced brightness by consuming less power.

    Grab the deal!!!


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