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LED v/s Halogen Lights - An overview You can’t Ignore!

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In due course of time, the lighting used in households has changed in a drastic manner. Most of the people, today, look out and search for the best lighting options considering several terms. Some prominent terms that is considered while selecting the best kind of lighting are:

  • Quality of Light Emission
  • Power Consumption
  • Safety
  • Durability and long lasting

The 4 aspects mentioned above can easily help you find what you need in the field of modern lighting. The two main variants that are used and considered widely are the Halogen lights and LED lights.

However, the confusion begins here – LED v/s Halogen!

Let’s consider the features of both these lights based on the aspects mentioned above.

Quality of Light Emission

On account of the quality of light emission, Halogen emits a better quality of light compared to the incandescent counterparts. This is because the quartz envelope containing the halogen gas glows more brightly with more energy when the electricity passes through the tungsten filament.

LED (Light-emitting Diode) lights, on the other hand, are made of semiconductors. When electricity is passed through the semiconductor, the electrons get excited and start producing energy. This energy is visible to us as light. They come in different colors.

Power Consumption

For Halogen lights, you may need to put more money on the bills. They generally consume more energy compared to the LEDs. LEDs may lead this race because the power consumption is nominal for them.


When we talk about safety we find that Halogen lights are not something to mess with. Apart from giving a bright light, it burns very brightly too. You should always use them with care. It may burn paper or clothes if they are kept very near to the source of a halogen light. Massive house-fire also may occur. LED lights in turn hardly produce any heat. They are safer as they cannot be the reason for accidental fires.


Halogen lights are either made from quartz or glass which makes them fragile. If not handled with care, halogen lights may break. The scene is quite different for an LED light; they are nearly unbreakable because they are made by solid semiconductors. Even if you drop them, they might still work.

Halogen bulbs have a life more than incandescent lights but for LEDs, the life is massive. It can produce light for a lofty period of 60000 hours. You may need to buy 20 halogen lights within the same period of time.

If you are still using incandescent lights it will be better if you switch to halogens. But if you want to play smart, you can always go for LED lights.  The choice is yours!

Durability Halogen LED Light Emission Lights Power Consumption Safety

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