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DIY tips to modify your car with LEDs!

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If you are seeking to modify your car with LED lighting, it’s not rocket science. You can do it all by yourself. User friendly DIY kits are available in the market. You can order these online. The tools are basic. Even a flat head screw driver or pick tools are sufficient. Your installation time is just about 30 mins. Test your kit first. A kit should be complete with all that you require. For instance, if it’s for your interiors it should include 12 LED panels (x2) - front and rear centre dome,T10 bulbs (x8) - map, foot wells, doors, 39mm festoons (x1) – glove box, 42mm festoons (x3) - visor and trunk and an additional four units of T5 bulbs to go into the back seat area in case yours is a coupe.

There myths surrounding LED lighting for car that you need to ignore. They now make replacement kits and bulbs for older models as well and there’s no need to change the entire lighting system. There’s absolutely no change in wiring involved. More so, when we purchase the correct replacement bulb, we simply unplug the old bulb, plug in the new. That’s it!

Here’s what all you can modify. You can upgrade your headlights, tail lights, backlights, fog lights and navigation lights to LEDs. While selecting fog lights, opt for yellow. It’s scientifically proven that yellow light enhances your visibility better than any other color. You can give your interiors a super makeover. Light up your dome, map, glove box, step or trunk. If mood lighting appeals to you, give it a shot. You could even check out what all you could do if interested in vanity lighting. You can even modify your registration plate lighting if you so please.

The ease in replacing your bulbs in these areas depends upon the make and model of your car. Most feature a clear, plastic lens cover held in place by plastic clips, an ’O’ ring and/or a set of screws. Use the appropriate tools and gently pry off the lens covers. Looking for further customization? Consider LED strip kits. With these you may bathe in a spectrum of ambient colours in the interior of your car, right from your floorboards to your trunk. It’s also fun and easy to install. For extra lighting use a 12V adapter or hardwire the kit into your electrical system. Strip kits also come with remotes that change colours and modes, allowing you to adjust your lighting.

Personal experiences indicate that LED lighting is auto lighting revolution that is way superior to all other forms of lighting. Someone has shared that they are a great improvement over what he had in his old truck, particularly for the glove box and overhead console. He now intends to upgrade his headlights as well and is doing his own research on the subject. Another enthusiast explains that in the trunk it has made a world of a difference, especially when looking for a missing wheel rim special security socket wrench. The brightness is 5 times that of the original incandescent bulbs. Importantly, if the trunk lid accidently remains open, the battery doesn’t go dead the next morning. Upgrading your car interior lighting is simple and inexpensive. So, improve your visibility and add that panache to your car.

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